Closing the Preparedness Gap Through Leadership and Professional Development




Galvin, Shelby

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The human capital of a company is becoming increasingly important, and the development of this human capital is a 130 billion dollar industry. The majority of this development happens through self-awareness and leadership development. Through leadership and professional development, students can become more prepared for working in a professional setting, regardless of their industry. Currently there is a gap between the level of development a student graduates with and the level of development employers are looking for – a preparedness gap. While businesses spend billions of dollars on leadership and professional development in the workplace, there are many places and opportunities for this development to happen prior to a student graduating from college. In this paper I will discuss how this development can happen for students. I will then use my research to create an outline for a curriculum that could be used as a leadership and professional development program for college students.



leadership, professional development, training, student development, employee development, management, Honors College


Galvin, S. (2014). Closing the preparedness gap through leadership and professional development (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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