Trust No One: Satisfaction and Success in Assigned Group Dynamics




Kornberg Wall, Jessica

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Without a comprehensive and concise guideline for the implementation of group project work in higher education, educators and students alike can dread the assignment of a group project. Educators are frequently required to assign group project work and many do not have workplace experiences to apply to their assignment structure. Without a comprehensive guideline, managing groups and inter-group conflicts can be time intensive on the part of both the educator and the student and the benefits of group project work may not be realized. To begin to bridge this gap, previous research has been applied to a current business group model to create guidelines for professors to implement group project work in a manner that will make group project work enjoyable and beneficial to the student while also preparing students for their future in the workplace.



group project, education, workplace, education guideline, group work, scrum, interpersonal skills, Honors College


Kornberg Wall, J. (2013). Trust no one: Satisfaction and success in assigned group dynamics (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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