Bat Rabies in Texas (1996 – 2000)




Rohde, Rodney E.

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In January 2003, I was selected as a Research Enhancement Awardee for my proposal (Bat Rabies in Texas, 1996 – 2000) by the internally funded grant competition at Texas State University-San Marcos. Recipients of these awards must submit a written progress report to the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) by October 1, immediately following the end of the grant period (8/31/03), which was submitted to OSP. I understand that a final report is to be submitted by June 1, 2004, to OSP highlighting any and all accomplishments with respect to this grant. This memo will serve as my FINAL REPORT with respect to this project. The data collection for this project was done over the spring and early summer of 2003. Data collection required travel to the Texas Department of Health in Austin and to a coauthor’s residence in Buda to acquire data that was utilized via a travel request in the grant for a total of $319.20. As PI, I requested 1/12 salary ($3703.50) for the summer to expedite analysis of data for this project. The salary was utilized during the second summer session of 2003 to prepare a manuscript with the coauthors of this project. All monies requested for this project ($4022.70) have been utilized.


Research Enhancement Program Final Report


bat, rabies, Texas, Austin, Buda


Rohde, R. E. (2004). Bat rabies in Texas (1996 – 2000). Research Enhancement Program, Texas State University, San Marcos, TX.


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