Dynamic key management for secure routing in LCRMRMG




Wang, Yalin

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Ad hoc mobile network (MANET) is characterized by its lack of fixed physical and administrative infrastructures (routers, server and stable communication links). As such MANET presents unparallel challenges in security. This thesis studies the threats that an ad hoc network faces and their security goals. In particular it proposes a security algorithm that is integrated into a tree-structured MANET routing protocol. Specifically the thesis presents a fully distributed multi-root key management scheme for a locality caching multi-root multi-generation (LCMRMG) MANET routing algorithm. The major problem in providing security services in such infrastructure-less networks is how to manage the needed cryptographic keys. In order to design practical and efficient key management systems, we take advantage of the multi-root nature of LCMRMG and successfully integrate public key, certification and threshold technologies in our algorithm. Our simulation has proven that the proposed security algorithm is feasible for LCMRMG: it is secure, effective and scalable.



computer algorithms, secure routing, computer networks


Wang, Y. (2003). Dynamic key management for secure routing in LCRMRMG (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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