Alternative Sports: A Tool for Modeling Socially Conscious Behavior




Preisser Rubio, Sonia I.

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This study examines whether participation in alternative sports cultivates athletes’ socially conscious attitudes and behaviors, especially pro-social and pro-environmental values and behaviors. The study is based on 20 semi-structured, in-depth interviews, with individuals recruited through purposive sampling. The results indicate a link between alternative sport participation and perceived pro-environmental and pro-social values and behaviors. Participants indicated that alternative sports have an influence on their perceptions of how they view and interact with nature; the interview data suggest a slight difference between participants of nature-based alternative sports vs. non-nature-based alternative sports with respect to these perceived outcomes. Participants also acknowledged perceived changes in pro-social attitudes and behaviors. A notable impact was recognized on mental health from participation in these types of sports. The results highlight a need to continue research between the intersection of alternative sports participation, pro-environmental and pro-social attitudes and behaviors, as well as alternative sports’ potential role in cultivating socially conscious behavior.



Sustainability, Sports psychology, Mental Health, Ecopsychology, Green exercise, Sustainable development, Alternative sports, Nature-based sports, Outdoor sports, Environment, Behavior, Values, Attitudes, Pro-environmental behavior, Pro-social behavior, Socially conscious behavior, Climate change, Sports, Behavioral sciences


Preisser Rubio, S. I. (2020). <i>Alternative sports: A tool for modeling socially conscious behavior</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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