Texas Agricultural Science Teachers’ Attitudes toward Information Technology




Anderson, Ryan
Williams, Robert

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Virginia Tech Publishing


The researchers sought to find the Agricultural Science teachers’ attitude toward five innovations (Computer-Aided Design, Record Books, E-Mail Career Development Event Registration, and World Wide Web) of information technology. The population for this study consisted of all 333 secondary Agricultural science teachers from Texas FFA Areas V and VI. The potential subjects were identified from the Texas Teachers of Agricultural Science & Technology Directory published by the Texas Education Agency. Demographic and program variables for each respondent were classified as independent. Teachers’ attitude scores for each innovation were classified as the dependent variable. Correlation analysis was used to identify significant relationships, if existing, between independent and dependent variables. Demographic variables analyzed included years of teaching experience, highest level of education, age, gender, grade level taught, membership in the Vocational Agricultural Teachers Association of Texas (VATAS), types of technology training received, and source of technology training. Program variables included location of campus (rural or metro) and number of Agricultural science teachers of campus.



agriculture, teaching, Texas, information technology, Agricultural Sciences


Anderson, R., & Williams, R. (2012). Texas agricultural science teachers' attitudes toward information technology. Journal of Career and Technical Education, 27(2).


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