Enchantment and Security in Holy Matrimony




Methvin, Michelle

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I am creating an installation of sculptural wedding dresses that represent the clashing views of marriage, their role in my life, and marriage in general. The installation will have three sculptural wedding dresses in a very intimate setting. These are sculptures of dresses that one can never wear, just as my actual wedding dress is piece of art that I will never wear. I will place these larger than life size dresses in close proximity of each other allowing the audience to flow through them. What I hope to feel when I walk through the dresses is the way I felt as a child walking through a clothing store- a place where everything is larger than life, extremely valuable, and of course, not to be touched, a place where I hid between dresses, fantasizing about one day growing up, big enough to wear them. What I want to create is that childlike nostalgia of being surrounded by fabric but present a slightly off kilter somber undertone.



wedding dress, sculpture, art, matrimony, installation, fairytale, marriage, Honors College


Methvin, M. (2007). Enchantment and security in holy matrimony (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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