Media, Party, and Voter Manipulation of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Morris, Talya
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If there is ever to be a hope of achieving peace between Israeli and Palestinian people, the American political liberal left and conservative right alike must both actively choose to end their usage of Israel as a pawn to further their own political agendas. Furthermore, the American public and its voters must be educated on these ulterior motives for the sake of bridging the divide. Both the liberal left and conservative right are riddled with hypocrisies when it comes to their typical platforms versus behaviors towards Israel and the Jewish people. There is more investment in how Israel fits into America’s policies with its complexities and implications than there is on leading peace talks between the Israeli and Palestinian people who live the nightmare every day – a fact proven true as the United States historically and continuously makes decisions that are obviously to its own benefit and simultaneous detriment of others. For now, the American news media is complicit in biased commentary on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in such a way that elevates its preferred political affiliation’s values, but there is a potential for change by practicing peace journalism and focusing less on the sensationalism of violence. In order to achieve a completer and more comprehensive image of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the strife for peace and to protect the American voters from manipulation, it is imperative that they be given the resources to recognize agenda-focused framing in the American political system and news media. The Israeli- Palestinian conflict is framed and misrepresented in both liberal left and conservative right American news media with the intention of manipulating the average American to further their parties’ contending underlying agendas, narratives, and fundamental beliefs.
Israel, Palestine, westernization, polarization, western, Gaza, media, Middle East, Honors College
Morris, T. (2019). Media, party, and voter manipulation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.