More Human, Less Being: Stories

Avignon, Alexis Nicole
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Stories and the art of storytelling are important parts of relationships. Stories in this collection were inspired by real events and real people using fiction as a lens for reality. This collection contains a personal memoir of the Memorial Day Flood that drastically affected Central Texas and was a life changing experience. Two stories aim to focus awareness on the struggle and difficulties faced by many people identifying with the LGBTQ community. And another character's misadventures serve as a statement on dating, sexuality, and growing into the person who will go on to make more memories and even more mistakes. Each of the narrators struggles with self image in their own way. These characters described are known by everyone in some form or other, and someone somewhere, holds them close.
fiction stories, gender, flood, transgender, identity, sex, Texas, Honors College
Avignon, A. N. (2017). More human, less being: Stories (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.