Intro to MS Project for Project Scheduling

Learn how to set up Microsoft Project schedules from a certified Project Management Professional®. In this hands-on session*, attendees will be given a sample project and will design a Microsoft Project file, construct a "work breakdown structure" to schedule the project, track project schedule progress and resource assignments, save and print a Gantt Chart view of the project schedule, attendees will also be introduced to more advanced use cases such as tracking accountability through Project SharePoint integration. *Attendees should be familiar with the basic methodology of Project Management before attending
Attachment included: Exercise File-Logic map (Logic map of dependencies). 1 file (.pdf); 1 file (.docx); 1 page.</p>
Attachment included: Exercise File-Activity (Tasks, durations, and resources for presentation activity). 1 file (.xlsx); 1 page.
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Morganti, D. (2019). Intro to MS project for project scheduling. Texas State University.