Digital Preservation Steps with Archivematica: A Cross-Departmental Approach

Goodley, Lauren
Critchley, Nicole
Kennedy, Laura
Long, Jason
Mazzei, Erin
Peters, Todd C.
Price, Amanda N.
Waugh, Laura
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Archivematica is a strong tool that requires a strong team and team members. Follow along as we tell our tale: from deciding on Archivematica as a tool for creating AIPs through installation and implementation. Hear from a digitization specialist on workflows that work for everyone, and from archivists and librarians from several departments on their successes and learning moments. IT specialists share communication strategies and technical expectations of Archivematica. Our goal is to provide our experiences to further develop the preservation community, and offer ideas, solutions, and points of conversation to our colleagues.
digital preservation, Archivematica, University Libraries
Goodley, L., Critchley, N., Kennedy, L., Long, J., Mazzei, E., Peters, T., Price, A., & Waugh, L. (2021). Digital preservation steps with Archivematica: A cross-departmental approach. Poster presented at the Texas Conference on Digital Libraries, Austin, TX.