Confidence Crisis of Results in Biomechanics Research

Knudson, Duane V.
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Many biomechanics studies have small sample sizes and incorrect statistical analyses, so reporting of inaccurate inferences and inflated magnitude of effects are common in the field. This review examines these issues in biomechanics research and summarises potential solutions from research in other fields to increase the confidence in the experimental effects reported in biomechanics. Authors, reviewers and editors of biomechanics research reports are encouraged to improve sample sizes and the resulting statistical power, improve reporting transparency, improve the rigour of statistical analyses used, and increase the acceptance of replication studies to improve the validity of inferences from data in biomechanics research. The application of sports biomechanics research results would also improve if a larger percentage of unbiased effects and their uncertainty were reported in the literature.
effect size, error, false positive, power, replicability, Health and Human Performance
Knudson, D. (2019). Confidence crisis of results in biomechanics research. Sports Biomechanics, 16(4), pp. 425-433.