Homecoming: A Short Film on Unraveling Identity and Generational Pressures




Soria, Nicole

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In this drama short film, "Homecoming," we meet Gabriela, an art student facing the dual challenge of completing a painting of her childhood home for her art final while longing for her parents' asylum and return from Mexico. While Gabriela struggles to capture the essence of her childhood on canvas, an enigmatic presence in a hallway closet consistently disrupts her creative process with haunting knocks that are only audible to her own ear. Each knock torments her inner turmoil of choosing her passion instead of following tradition and longing for her parents' return. In the conclusion, we see that after Gabriela allows herself to fully accept herself and her art, she falls into a dream-like state; waking up to find her finished painting in the very closet that tormented her. Gabriela's painting becomes a metaphor for finding a way to finally piece her fragmented sense of self together in her own way. This film explores the impact of generational pressures and sheds light on the struggles immigrant children face to embrace their identity without guilt.



film, short film


Soria, N. (2023). Homecoming: A short film onunraveling identity and generational pressures. Honors College, Texas State University.


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