The Geography Fieldwork Imperative: Strategies for Designing K-12 Field Experiences




Widener, Jeffrey M.
Hurt, Douglas A.
Gress, Gary

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The Grosvenor Center for Geographic Education


The Geographic Alliance Network and the National Geographic Society (NGS) have been instrumental in getting K-12 teachers into the field to experience geography firsthand through sponsored activities, including week-long institutes and shorter, geographer-led field trips. As monies and budgets tighten among these organizations, however, as well as with shoestring state appropriations, opportunities for teachers to learn geography through these activities are fading. The purpose of this article is to address the fieldwork imperative for training and inspiring K-12 geography teachers, to highlight the impact the Geography Alliance Network and NGS has had on geography, and to offer suggestions on how to run field-based institutes.



geography, experiential learning, fieldwork, Geography Alliance Network, K-12 geography education


Widener, J.M., Hurt, D.A., & Gress, G. (2019). The geography fieldwork imperative: Strategies for designing K-12 field experiences. Research in Geographic Education, 21(1), pp. 26-44.


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