Exploring the Potential and Feasibility of Water-Use Conservation for Houston Water, Houston, Texas




Loftus, Timothy T.
Murata, Jaime P.
Stonecipher, Ty

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This is the fourth quarterly report submitted by the Texas State Team and it will additionally serve as the final report for the water conservation potential study that began in May 2020. This report will include new information about the analyses since the last quarterly report was submitted, using Version 3 of the Alliance for Water Efficiency’s (AWE) Conservation Tracking Tool. Additionally, this report will feature the final water conservation program scenario that has been evolving during the past year. This project was initiated with three primary goals: 1) Estimate residential water use conservation potential, 2) Estimate commercial/institutional water use by sector/subsector and water use conservation potential, and 3) Develop new data and estimate outdoor water use conservation potential for residential accounts; and explore feasibility of doing the same for commercial/institutional accounts. The report begins with a summary of new work that was undertaken during the last three months.



water rates, water use, conservation, Houston, Texas, water efficiency


Loftus, T. T., Murata, J. P., & Stonecipher, T. H. (2021). Exploring the potential and feasibility of water-use conservation for Houston Water, Houston, Texas (Report No. 2021-06). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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