Diversity is Almost a Superhero: A Critical Analysis of Diversity in DC's Arrowverse




Mireles, Taylor Cuinn

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In the last ten years, superheroes have entered the mainstream and are a part of media studies. Most of this research has been based in examining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Therefore this paper examine a part of comic studies that hasn’t been explored. This paper analyzes DC’s Arrowverse using a sociological lens using Critical Race Theory and Queer Theory. The intention of this thesis is to examine the diversity that is presented in the Arrowverses’ shows: Arrow (2012), The Flash (2014), Supergirl (2015), DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (2016), and Black Lightning (2018). Race, gender, and LGBTQ+ aspects of diversity are examined using a review of past literature and specific examples of quotes and storylines from the Arrowverse in order to examine the diversity presented.



Comics, Media, DC, Race, Gender, Queer, Sociology


Mireles, T. C. (2020). <i>Diversity is almost a superhero: A critical analysis of diversity in DC's arrowverse</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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