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Open Education: Intro Edition for Faculty Development
(2022-10) Boucher, Tricia; Antes, Isabelle
Have you heard the terms Open Pedagogy and OER? Not sure what it means for you - or how to incorporate it in your class? Join our Open Pedagogy Librarian and Open Educational Resource Librarian for a Faculty Focus session that introduces these terms, discuss the implications of using Open Pedagogy and OER on student success, and test your skills at identifying what materials are OER.
Open Education at Texas State and Beyond
(2023-04) Boucher, Tricia; Antes, Isabelle
What is Open Education, and how does it relate to all the other “Opens”? Join the Open Pedagogy Librarian and Open Educational Resources Librarian from Texas State University as they explain the Open Ecosystem, share their experiences starting open education programs, and keep it real when it comes to planning, documentation, and learning the field while doing the work.
Open Education for Student Success
(2024-05) Boucher, Tricia; Antes, Isabelle
This poster outlines definitions frequently used in Open Education and provides specific examples of how open pedagogy and open educational resources contribute to student success.
Creating Program Infrastructure
(2023-10) Antes, Isabelle
Starting a new program and not sure where to start? Join me as I outline what I developed over the first year as an Open Educational Resource (OER) Librarian at Texas State University to support Open Education, OER, and Open Scholarship.
Introduction to Open - Grad Shop Talk
(2023-10) Antes, Isabelle
This workshop covers the basics of the Open ecosystem! We’ll touch on everything open – from Open Educational Resources (OER) and Open Pedagogy to Open Access and Open Publishing. We’ll also look at resources here at Texas State that support you in these areas and how to begin looking for resources on your own.