Statistics for University Scholarship

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Intermediate Theory: The Missing Link to Successful Student Scholarship 30221
Differential Decomposition in Terrestrial, Freshwater, and Saltwater Environments: A Pilot Study 26165
Mobile Dating in the Digital Age: Computer-Mediated Communication and Relationship Building on Tinder 23498
Pragmatism as a Philosophy of Science: A Tool for Public Administration 19422
Blue is the New Black: How Popular Culture is Romanticizing Mental Illness 18573
“Es lässt sich nicht lesen”: Poe and the Inscrutable 14637
Fear: A Psychophysiological Study of Horror Film Viewing 13293
Moonlight in Movies: An Analytical Interpretation of Claude Debussy's "Clair de Lune" in Selected American Films 11431
Applying the Andragogical Model of Adult Learning: A Case Study of the Texas Comptroller’s Fiscal Management Division 10737
Risk Management in Law Enforcement: A Model Assessment Tool 10653