Tattoo You! An Academic Library Tattoo Design Contest




Ballengee, Megan
Segoria, Emily
Sisemore, Liz

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A subgroup of the Texas State University Libraries Promotions team, the Tattoo Design Contest Team created a contest allowing students to enter original tattoo designs inspired by Alkek Library. The purpose of the contest was to increase student engagement, reduce student library anxiety, and market the library. The team promoted the contest through social media and their results garnered multiple submissions. The contest submission terms created a copyright question that the team resolved through consultation with the copyright librarian. At the conclusion of the contest, the team printed stickers of the winning tattoo design as promotional giveaway. Months later one student turned the winning submission into an actual tattoo. The team posted a story about the contest winner and tattoo recipient to the library webpage and on social media. The poster includes outreach strategies including flyer designs, social media polls, and interaction statistics, images of the winning tattoo design, photos of the winner used for promotion, details about the student who actually has the winning design tattooed on their arm, and information about the academic article that members of the team have written.



tattoos, design contests, academic libraries, outreach


Ballengee, M., Segoria, S., Sisemore, L. (2019, June). Tattoo you! An academic library tattoo design contest. Poster session presented at the American Library Association Annual Conference, Washington, D.C.


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