Structured Instructional Game: Ludogram for Risk Prevention at Vargas State, Venezuela




Iztúriz M., Ana
Barrientos Ch., Yolanda
Ruíz B., Simón
de Bezada, Matilde

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The Grosvenor Center for Geographic Education


Instructional games are strategies to stimulate learning on complex subjects. The main objective of this research was to design, apply, and evaluate an educational board game derived from a diagnostic of major local natural hazards and socionatural risks associated to Piedra Azul and Osorio rivers (Vargas State, Venezuela), where school's infrastructures were damaged during the 1999 torrential event. The investigation had quali-quantitative, descriptive, and interpretative character, based on field studies. These results indicated that 100 percent of the students were pleased with the game features, 83.3 percent considered that the time to play the game was reasonable, and 100 percent understood the texts and they wished to play again. This instructional activity promoted reading comprehension, values acquirement, actions and responses associated with environmental education, risk proactivity, school community cooperation and safety culture promotion.



geography, instructional game, natural hazards, socionaturals risks, safety culture


Iztúriz M., A., Barrientos Ch., Y., Ruíz B., S., & de Bezada, M. (2008). Structured instructional game: Ludogram for risk prevention at Vargas State, Venezuela. Research in Geographic Education, 10(1), pp. 33-47.


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