Creating the Premiere Issue of the Texas State Undergraduate Research Journal




Barnett, Rachel Ann

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Creating the Premier Issue of the Texas State Undergraduate Research Journal maps the process of taking the idea of a research journal for Texas State students from concept to reality. The creation of TXSTUR provides an outlet for all undergraduate students to aid Texas State University as it moves toward the goal of becoming a Tier One Research Institution. This thesis examines the publication process and analyzes the steps taken to select high-caliber submissions, polish the articles, and present them in the premiere issue of TXSTUR. As Editor-in-Chief, my responsibilities include forming and overseeing the Editorial Board, guaranteeing that all deadlines are met, and ensuring that all processes are accomplished efficiently and with utmost quality. Under my direction, the Editorial Board has developed the TXSTUR website, advertised the journal, reviewed the submissions, copyedited all articles, and designed the publication in preparation for the premiere issue.



publishing, research, Texas State, research journal, online journal, TXSTUR


Barnett, R. A. (2013). Creating the premiere issue of the Texas State Undergraduate Research Journal (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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