Governmental and Nongovernmental Reproductive Healthcare Organizations: A Communication Comparison




Krell, Judith Sierra

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There is little available research that analyzes the reproductive healthcare organizations’ communication strategies in Texas. Previous research shows there is a need for adequate reproductive healthcare for men, women, and children to lead healthy lives. To enhance the understanding of the need for improved reproductive healthcare in Texas, I examine and compare the strategic communication characteristics of governmental and nongovernmental organizations. For this thesis, I employ Grounded Theory to perform a qualitative, comparative, textual analysis. Separating these two types of agencies, exploring their available online content to identify their target audience, main goal, as well as examine their social media utilization, or underutilization, and performing a comparative analysis of the data, will enhance the research that discusses the relationship between health communication and accessible, affordable and available reproductive healthcare. The Texas Department of State Health Services and the Texas Health and Human Services commission are the subjects for the case study involving governmental organizations; Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas Inc. is the subject for the nongovernmental case study. I found there are gaps in Sexual Maternal Reproductive Healthcare (SMRH) resources and services for young male, LGTBQ and Spanish- speaking Texans.



SMRH, reproductive health care, planned parenthood, Texas, Honors College


Krell, J. S. (2017). Governmental and nongovernmental reproductive healthcare organizations: A communication comparison (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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