Mother Nature: Gender's Impact on Individual Environmental Actions




Lynch, Lucille G.

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This research studies the relationship between gender and the individual’s perceptions of environmentally conscious actions. This study examines whether specific gender identities are more likely to partake in environmentally conscious actions and if individuals see any patterns in their life regarding environmentalism and gender. Methods consist of in-depth, one-time individual interviews with college students to understand possible links between gender and environmental consciousness from the perspective of students. Findings align with previous, broader research on gender’s impact on environmentalism; most students remarked that their female identifying friends made more environmentally conscious daily actions than other gender identities, and the majority see a link between femininity and environmentalism. These findings support previous research and could lead to the investigation of why this pattern exists, and what impact it may have on larger issues such as climate change legislation and environmental movement.



ethnography, gender, environment, environmentalism, Anthropology, Honors College


Lynch, L. G. (2021). Mother nature: Gender's impact on individual environmental actions (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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