The Influence of Smart Manufacturing towards Energy Conservation: A Review




Terry, Shane
Lu, Hao
Fidan, Ismail
Zhang, Yunbo
Tantawi, Khalid
Guo, Terry
Asiabanpour, Bahram

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Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute


Today, the current trends of manufacturing are towards the adaptation and implementation of smart manufacturing, which is a new initiative to turn the traditional factories into profitable innovation facilities. However, the concept and technologies are still in a state of infancy, since many manufacturers around the world are not fully knowledgeable about the benefits of smart manufacturing compared to their current practices. This article reviews several aspects of smart manufacturing and introduces its advantages in terms of energy-saving and production efficiency. This article also points out that some areas need further research so that smart manufacturing can be shaped better.



smart manufacturing, energy, cyber-physical system, data analytics, industrial internet-of-things, artificial intelligence, additive manufacturing, robotics, Ingram School of Engineering


Terry, S., Lu, H., Fidan, I., Zhang, Y., Tantawi, K., Guo, T., & Asiabanpour, B. (2020). The influence of smart manufacturing towards energy conservation: A review. Technologies, 8(5), 31.


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