Cultural Representations of the Sudeten German-Czech Conflict




Glajar, Valentina

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I requested funds from the Research Enhancement Program to work for three weeks at the Collegium Carolinum, a research institute of Bohemian studies, and the Institute for Deutsche Kultur und Geschichte (IDK) in Munich, Germany, to research documents and other materials for a book related to the expulsion of three million Sudeten Germans from Czechoslovakia at the end of World War II. With the assistance of the Research Enhancement Program Grant, I was able to study the most comprehensive collection of original texts pertaining to the expulsion, testimonies of expellees, along with German translations of Czech texts that are not accessible here in the U.S. I have drafted the gathered data and other materials for my new project.


Research Enhancement Program Final Report


Sudeten Germans, Czechoslovakia, Post World War II, civilian expulsion, Sudeten German-Czech Conflict


Glajar, V. (2008). Cultural representations of the Sudeten German-Czech conflict. Research Enhancement Program, Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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