Near-Ultraviolet Micro-Raman Study of Diamond Grown on GaN




Nazari, Mohammad
Hancock, Bobby Logan
Anderson, J.
Savage, A.
Piner, Edwin L.
Graham, S.
Faili, F.
Oh, S.
Francis, D.
Twitchen, D.

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AIP Publishing


Ultraviolet (UV) micro-Raman measurements are reported of diamond grown on GaN using chemical vapor deposition. UV excitation permits simultaneous investigation of the diamond (D) and disordered carbon (DC) comprising the polycrystalline layer. From line scans of a cross-section along the diamond growth direction, the DC component of the diamond layer is found to be highest near the GaN-on-diamond interface and diminish with characteristic length scale of ∼3.5 μm. Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) of the diamond near the interface confirms the presence of DC. Combined micro-Raman and TEM are used to develop an optical method for estimating the DC volume fraction.



Diamond, polycrystalline material, raman spectroscopy, chemical elements, Physics


Nazari, M., Hancock, B. L., Anderson, J., Savage, A., Piner, E. L., Graham, S., Faili, F., Oh, S., Francis, D., Twitchen, D. & Holtz, M. (2016). Near-ultraviolet micro-Raman study of diamond grown on GaN. Applied Physics Letters, 108(3), 031901.


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