The Impact of Stories: An Imaginative Memoir




Swan, Adria

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This thesis is a collection of short stories expressed in the style of a creative memoir. Each story connects a particular time in my life to the book I was currently reading. In my youth, I was introduced to the works of many authors, but it was ultimately the stories of Paul Gallico that left the deepest imprint on me. Paul Gallico was an author who, sadly, has not been given the proper place in American literature that I firmly believe he deserves. His timeless tales of innocence and beautiful use of the English language have enriched my life. As a child, my mother spent countless hours reading to me; stories dominated my childhood, allowing my imagination and creativity to run free. To this day, I remain an avid reader. I believe that the power of stories during one's formative years is vital to the development of imagination. Those childhood days of storytelling were magical to me, and are the inspiration for this collection. I hope that my stories will communicate some of the magic that Mr. Gallico's did for me.



Gallico, Paul, memoir, creative writing, magic, stories, homeschool, imaginative, Honors College


Swan, A. (2017). The impact of stories: An imaginative memoir (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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