Closed Borders: A Comparative Analysis Between the Immigration Detention Policies of the United States and Australia




Gold, Caitlin

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The United States and Australia are often regarded as being tough on immigration though the immigration concerns of the two countries are vastly different. This paper compares the mandatory detention policies in these two countries in terms of their motivation and authorization, immigration target, and facilities used to detain migrants. This comparison ensures the immigration policies most appropriately address the needs of their country. The results revealed many similarities between the United States and Australia’s mandatory detention policies. These results raise concerns about current deterrence-motivated immigration practices in the United States and Australia and can be used to influence public opinion as well as provide support for sensible immigration reform.



asylum, United States, Australia, comparison, immigration policies, immigration, Honors College


Gold, C. (2019). Closed borders: A comparative analysis between the immigration detention policies of the United States and Australia (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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