Mapping and Qualitative Data Collection for People-First Floodplain Buyout Processes Harris County, TX 2000-2021




Breaux, Amber

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Federally funded floodplain buyouts are a nonstructural flood mitigation practice that uses federal grants to remove people and businesses from flood-prone areas to end financial strain on the National Flood Insurance Program. Past research indicates that the selection processes of buyouts made by the program implementers can cause or perpetuate social inequities. More research on the experiences of pre- and post-buyout participants is needed to improve these practices for more benefit and less harm. Qualitative data about those participants exists in real property records found within County Clerk files that is useful for collecting demographics, legal proceedings, and post-buyout geographical information for research that supports transparency and equity in future buyout processes. This applied research project explores the qualitative information found on real property records, best data recording and interpretation practices, and mapping past buyouts in Harris County, Texas made by the Harris County Flood Control District.



floodplain buyouts, Harris County floodplain buyouts, floodplain buyout social equity, floodplain buyout qualitative research, Harris County Control District, Applied Geography


Beaux, A. (2022). Mapping and qualitative data collection for people-first floodplain buyout processes Harris County, TX 2000-2021. Master of Applied Geography Degree, Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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