"Mirror, Mirror:" A Self-Portrait Study




Diaz, Abigail

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“Mirror, Mirror” is a creative work that is constructed of a series of 26 poems which are titled as self-portraits. This work follows the writer/narrator's journey of self-discovery through memories, small moments that leave big impacts, and introspection. Each poem, although individual, weaves together with the others in the manuscript to signify the gradual shift in the writer/narrator's mental health, growth, and worldview. Throughout this work, there is a sense that the narrator grapples with her past, comes to terms with it, and moves on from it, having grown from the struggle. This sense of growth is demonstrated not only in the format of the larger body of work, such as through how the work is divided into sections, but also in each poem, through word choice, subject matter, and tone. This work as a whole illustrates the complexity of the narrator's inner world; the journey within the work from one piece to the next describes how the narrator has made peace with that complexity.



writing, poetry, creative writing, Honors College


Diaz, A. (2023). "Mirror, mirror:" A self-portrait study. Honors College, Texas State University.


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