The Historical Evolution of Texas State University Through The Eyes of Three Latino Males




Vasquez, Daniel

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The purpose of this study is to capture the culture and climate within Student Affairs at Texas State University during the last thirty years through the eyes of three Latino professionals, during their collective sixty plus years of service as students and professionals This research uses Social Cartography to capture three life stories of Mexican American men working within the Division of Student Affairs at Texas State University. This research explores their life experiences, professional challenges and the changes they have witnessed at this campus as it became a Hispanic Serving Institution. It also explores the enrollment of Mexican American students, campus climate and the development of student support services in response to this demographic change.



Hispanic Serving Institution, Social Cartography


Vasquez, D. S. (2014). The historical evolution of Texas State University through the eyes of three Latino males (Unpublished dissertation). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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