Demographic Usage Patterns of Purgatory Creek Park, San Marcos, TX

Kraft, Michael
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This project seeks to make use of methods utilized in previous studies, such as surveys, statistical analysis and literature research, and apply those techniques to Purgatory Creek Park. The findings will be useful to city planners, parks and recreation officials, and city accountants and budget managers, so they can make the best-informed decisions regarding the expenditure of resources on city parks and green spaces. As the city of San Marcos grows, the need for green spaces and leisure areas will grow as well, and creating spaces that appeal to, and have something to offer to as many citizens as possible is certainly a smart and fiscally-responsible goal.
demographics, park use, Texas Hill Country, Applied Geography
Kraft, M. (2017). Demographic usage patterns of Purgatory Creek Park, San Marcos, TX. Master of Applied Geography Degree, Texas State University, San Marcos, TX.