Adventurestorming: Conducting Collaborative Ideation Utilizing Creative Play




Terrell, Trey Joel

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Members of the communication design industry are playing larger roles than they have before. Methods used by communication designers are being implemented in businesses to shape research practices and direct projects that impact larger sections of the world’s population. Most often, larger projects involve multidisciplinary groups working together for a common goal. As a result, it is imperative that the communication design industry have effective tools for interacting with diverse groups of people during the ideation phase of project planning. This thesis examines the aspects of successful brainstorming sessions, collaboration, and gamification to determine if creative play can be used as an effective method for conducting group ideation sessions consisting of designers and non-designers. The goal of the proposed brainstorming game is to be easy to implement, foster greater interaction between all members of the group, keep the group focused on the problem, build greater empathy for the users, and generate better outcomes when compared to traditional brainstorming methods. The prototype tabletop role playing game (RPG), named Adventurestorming, was tested with two groups of five to six people. When compared to the control group, who used classic brainstorming methods, the test groups showed that the game was successful in creating a strong connection with the user, as well as being more successful in exploring problems in the area of user interaction.



brainstorming, collaboration, ideation, creative play, gamification


Terrell, T. J. (2016). Adventurestorming: Conducting collaborative ideation utilizing creative play (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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