Health Care Reform and the Autistic Population




Cavallario, Cecelia Drake

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Healthcare officials are faced with the daunting task of reforming the current healthcare system in the United States. President Barack Obama and his administration are attempting to restructure the system so that healthcare services are available to every citizen in the U.S. The new political administration brings the opportunity to make significant changes in the care and services that are provided to the special needs population. The autistic population is the focal point of this thesis. Autism spectrum disorders are increasing and the current healthcare system does not give access to affordable services for the families. This report describes the care that is involved with an individual with autism and the struggles that families face in attempting to deliver that level of care. Additionally, the role of the family, the state, and the federal government in caring for the autistic population is described as well as current legislation that is in place and insurance issues. Barack Obama's healthcare plan is detailed with specific attention to the autistic population. A brief analysis of the plan in general and a more detailed analysis of the plan with regards to the autistic population are provided. Lastly, this thesis describes an ideal blueprint for care for a person with autism. The blueprint is intended to strike a balance between what is desirable for an advocate of autism and what is practical for a healthcare administrator.



developmentally disabled, autistic people, health care reform, health insurance, medical care


Cavallario, C. D. (2009). Health care reform and the autistic population (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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