Sand Therapy Competencies: A Qualitative Investigation of Competencies for Sand Therapy Practitioners




Hartwig, Elizabeth
Homeyer, Linda E.
Stone, Jessica

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As the practice of sand therapy grows and flourishes, the need for the identification of competencies of sand therapy practitioners is imperative. The purpose of this study was to identify sand therapy competencies (STC) in four categories: knowledge, skills, attitudes, and professional engagement. Using qualitative research design with a purposive sample, the researchers used an initial, open-ended, and researcher-developed STC survey and the additional process of member checking to determine a final list of competencies for sand therapy practitioners. Outcomes identified a total of 33 competencies with 15 knowledge, 7 skills, 7 attitudes, and 4 professional engagement competencies. These findings provide a framework of competencies with which sand therapy training programs, professional organizations, and credentialing standards should be aligned. Future research on the acquisition of sand therapy competencies and research with more diverse samples is indicated.



sand therapy, competencies


Hartwig, E., Homeyer, L., & Stone, J. (2023). Sand therapy competencies: A qualitative investigation of competencies for sand therapy practitioners. World Journal for Sand Therapy Practice, 1(5).


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