Geography in an Interdisciplinary Environment: Developing Research Paths




Rutherford, David J.
Brand, Osa
Conrad, Amber N.
Grode, Ed
Milson, Andrew J.
Moore, Zachary A.
Springer, Catherine
Tuason, Julie A.
Zech, Jamie

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The Grosvenor Center for Geographic Education


A tantalizing theme winds its way through the history of modern geographic thought in the United States-the idea that geography as a discipline possesses the methods and content that enable it to act in an interdisciplinary role and integrate thought among the various physical and social sciences. Unfortunately, geography has failed to live up to this lofty potential. Ideas for accomplishing this goal span a variety of environments, including the research community, K-12 education, university education, informal education, and public awareness messaging. The focus of this paper is on geography's place in K-12 education, with specific consideration of interdisciplinary interactions between the subject of geography and 1) the rest of the school curriculum, 2) teaching practice, and 3) school administration. The purpose of this paper is to identify and briefly develop ideas for conducting research that will increase our knowledge and understanding of these interdisciplinary interactions. The paper considers research paths across the spectrum of K-12 education and within both elementary and secondary education.



geography, geography education, interdisciplinary, synthesis, integrative, research


Rutherford, D.J., Brand, O., Conrad, A.N., Grode, E., Milson, A.J., Moore, Z.A., Springer, C., Tuason, J.A., & Zech, J. (2005). Geography in an interdisciplinary environment: Developing research paths. Research in Geographic Education, 7, pp. 48-61.


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