The Race for Inclusivity: Carlos Chávez and the Issues of Diversity in Music




Gres, Steven A.

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Diversity and inclusion are topics of discussion in many fields today, and music is no exception. The demand for concert programs filled with a variety of composers is high, almost to a point where it is seen as a requirement. While programming compositions created by composers of different ethnicities and backgrounds is important for representation, it should not be an obligatory activity. Music should be performed based on its integrity and value. The Mexican composer Carlos Chávez is an example of this. His second symphony, the “<i>Sinfonía india</i>,” is frequently programmed by orchestras and concert bands. While this work is of great musical virtue, musicians ignore other music of the same level of righteousness of his and other composers oeuvre. Through researching the beginning of his career, his influences, his writing style, who he has influenced, and the value of his works, this study will highlight his significance and would provide a resource to those entities who program repertoire for music ensembles to study more of the works of Chávez and other diverse composers.



music, diversity, inclusion, Honors College


Gres, S. A. (2021). The race for inclusivity: Carlos Chávez and the issues of diversity in music (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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