Latino Fathers as Catalistas (Agents of Change): Strategies to Support Latino Fathers in Childhood Obesity Prevention




Johnson, Cassandra M.
Sharkey, Joseph R.
Gomez, Luis

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Latino children are disproportionately affected by childhood obesity. Prior research has encouraged father engagement to bolster prevention efforts and outlined general strategies for father recruitment, engagement, and retention. However, behavioral nutrition or education programs with a focus on Latino fathers are lacking, which means there is little guidance for working with Latino fathers in motivation and maintenance. This perspective highlights strategies for supporting dietary and activity behaviors with Latino fathers. Researchers can apply strategies to observational studies or program development and implementation, and practitioners can use strategies to tailor education and counseling with Latino fathers as part of obesity prevention.



fathers, male caregivers, Latino populations, childhood obesity, interventions, Family and Consumer Sciences


Johnson, C. M., Sharkey, J. R., & Gomez, L. (2021). Latino fathers as catalistas (agents of change): Strategies to support Latino fathers in childhood obesity prevention. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior.


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