Accessibility of Content in Institutional Repositories: Going Beyond Open Access




Lyon, Colleen
Deems, Christopher
Waugh, Laura
Lindsey, Nerissa

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Academic libraries play an important role in meeting the needs of their campus communities, including providing access to digital resources for all patrons. Making content accessible often includes collaboration with academic departments, administration, ADA offices, information technology, and other stakeholders. Approaches to accessibility for digital resources vary by institution depending on available resources, infrastructure, and the digital tools being used. In many cases the concern is not just with newly submitted material, but also existing content that may have been added over a course of several years. This panel will discuss accessibility efforts at three different campuses as it relates to audio and video digital content in their institutional repositories. Each institution will share the approach they’ve taken, what resources they have focused initial efforts on, and what they anticipate next steps to be. The panel will also share perspectives from users of content, and why accessibility efforts are so important.



accessibility, institutional repositories, closed captioning, audio, visual, captioning software, WC3, Inqscribe, Docsoft, Rev, Amara, Mediaflo, Dspace


Lyon, C., Deems, C., Waugh, L., & Lindsey, N. (2018). Accessibility of content in institutional repositories: Going beyond open access. Presented at the Texas Conference on Digital Libraries, Austin, Texas.


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