Education of Hypertensive Young Adults to Improve Health Habits: A Systematic Review [paper]




Martin, Breena E.

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Introduction: The goal of this review is to determine if providing a specific format of education to young adults would improve overall health habits and self-efficacy. The focus of this research was specifically on young adults with hypertension. The goal of this research is to stratify long term risks associated with uncontrolled hypertension and to evaluate if this intervention will improve these outcomes when started in young adulthood. Methods: A systematic review of literature was conducted across seven studies. Primary outcomes evaluated across studies were improvements in self-efficacy and lifestyle habits. A conceptual framework was utilized as a guide to research and all articles studied were evaluated based on this method. Results: Evidence from research showed that there is overall improvement in lifestyle changes and health habits when e-health education is implemented into practice. This format of education promotes individuals to become more self-efficacious and follow healthier lifestyle choices. Discussion: Early intervention and modification of lifestyle risk factors improves health outcomes however, more research is recommended for the young adult population with hypertension.



systematic review, hypertension, e-health, self-efficacy, lifestyle changes


Martin, B. E. (2023). Education of hypertensive young adults to improve health habits: A systematic review. St. David's School of Nursing, Texas State University.


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