Research Data Repositories: Developing and Implementing Infrastructures for Institutional and Consortial Environments




Uzwyshyn, Raymond

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Coalition for Networked Information


In Fall 2017, Texas State University Libraries launched the Texas State Research Data Repository as part of the Texas Digital Library statewide Texas Data Repository. This presentation overviews development, implementation and infrastructure considerations for any institution or consortia thinking about venturing down online research data repository paths and thinking about online open access to research data. The Texas Data repository innovatively leverages and customizes Harvard’s Dataverse for a consortial university environment. This presentation overviews online research data repositories, technology considerations and how institutions can pragmatically think about setting up and implementing a data repository from pragmatic working model perspectives. The session will survey the current data repository landscape including types of repositories, needed external partnerships , HR infrastructures and future synergies for data repositories with other academic library technical infrastructures. This session will also provide a framework for overviewing possible service models, repository architectures and thinking about wider perspectives, possibilities and challenges with regards to data repositories through the pragmatic example of the Texas State University Data repository.



data research repositories, data science, Dataverse, research data repository lifecycle, federal funding mandates and data, planning data repositories


Uzwyshyn, R. (2018). Research data repositories: Developing and implementing infrastructures for institutional and consortial environments. Presented at the Coalition for Networked Information Spring Meeting, San Diego, California.


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