Examining Residents' Vulnerability from the Flood Hazard in the Onion Creek Neighborhood of Austin Texas: Who is At-Risk and Why?




Ekeanyanwu, Chikodinaka

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Onion Creek is a neighborhood south of downtown Austin that falls within the base floodplains where Base elevations are provided. As a result, it is a high-intensity flood zone. Demographically speaking, the region is occupied by residents of which the majority live above the poverty line and have an average Household Income of over $90,000. The aim of this study is to i) identify and map out relatively low to high flood risk areas of the neighborhood and, ii) understand the social, economic, political and/or cultural factors that influence the residents’ decisions to stay in the neighborhood. Flood vulnerability levels will be analyzed and mapped based on the analysis of a Digital Elevation Model (DEM) data and Stream data of the study area. A survey was distributed to residents, analysis were conducted to understand their general background, awareness levels, flood mitigation efforts in the area, and experiences/reflection about flooding. Results from the study show that the residents’ decision to continue residing within the area is based off the knowledge their homes are not located within the floodplain, and a sense of familiarity and community that they feel within the neighborhood.



FEMA, floodplain, flood mitigation, buyout, Austin, Applied Geography


Ekeanyanwu, C. V. (2021). Examining residents' vulnerability from the flood hazard in the Onion Creek neighborhood of Austin, Texas: Who is at-risk and why? Master of Applied Geography Degree, Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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