Examining the Conservative Shift from Harsh Justice

Pollock, Joycelyn M.
Glassner, Steven
Krajewski, Andrea
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Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute
Recently, a political shift has been observed, in that some political conservatives are now advocating, adjusting, or abandoning draconian drug laws, including mandatory minimums, and funding diversion, re-entry, and drug programs. Vocal proponents of this movement include Grover Norquist, Rand Paul, Edwin Meese, and Mark Levin, from the Texas Public Policy Council. Any movement away from the mass incarceration that has characterized the U.S. correctional policy for the last 30 years is welcomed; however, it is important to note carefully the philosophical foundation of the conservative’s interest in shifting correctional policy. This paper explores the potential factors contributing to this philosophical shift.
mass incarceration, diversion, mandatory minimums, rehabilitation, conservative, punishment, Criminal Justice and Criminology
Pollock, J., Glassner, S., & Krajewski, A. (2015). Examining the Conservative Shift from Harsh Justice. Laws, 4(1), pp. 107-124.