Demand for fish in Asia: A cross-country analysis




Dey, Madan
Garcia, Yolanda T.
Kumar, Praduman
Piumsombun, Somying
Sirajul Haque, Muhammad
Li, Luping
Radam, Alias
Senaratne, Athula
Tri Khiem, Nguyen
Koeshendrajana, Sonny

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Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society Inc.


Fish demand patterns in nine Asian countries were investigated using a multistage budgeting framework allowing a disaggregated approach to analysing fish consumption. This paper highlights the heterogeneity of fisheries products in terms of species, sources and cultural responses of consumers, factors that are important in fish demand under the Asian setting. Specifically, fish demand by income groups were compared to determine how the low- and high-income households respond to price and income changes. Results showed that the estimated price and income elasticities of all fish types included in the study were relatively more elastic among the poorer households.



Asia, fish demand, inverse mills ratio, multistage budgeting framework, price and income elasticity, quadratic AIDS model, Agricultural Sciences


Dey, M. M., Garcia, Y. T., Kumar, P., Piumsombun, S., Sirajul Haque, M., Li, L., Radam, A., Senaratne, A., Tri Khiem, N., & Koeshendrajana, S. (2008). Demand for fish in Asia: A cross-country analysis. The Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, 52, pp. 321-338.


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