Impact of Chamber Pressure on Indium Doped β-Gallium Oxide




Rahaman, Imteaz
Saha, Puja Rani
Taqy, Saif Al Arafin
Sarkar, Pallab Kumar
Saha, Jibesh Kanti
Haque, Ariful

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Indium doped β-Ga2O3 (IGO) have been a major research interest for the last few decades due to their importance in bandgap engineering to fabricate high-power electronics, deep UV photonic devices, and nuclear detectors. In this work, we deposited two types of (InxGa1-x)2O3 alloy with x=25%, samples at 620 ºC substrate temperature while varying the partial oxygen chamber pressure from 1x10-3 to 5x10-2 torr. Our analysis shows that IGO exhibits significant conductivity at high growth pressure, but it shows poor electrical properties at low oxygen pressure. Further crystal analysis exhibited polycrystalline behavior for the conductive samples and monoclinic, near single-crystalline behavior for the non-conductive samples. The conductive samples has a mobility of 7.02 cm2Vs-1, resistivity of 0.05118 Ω-cm, and a carrier concentration of 1.737x10 19 cm-3. According to the bonding analysis, such superior mobility can be attributed to the generation of free electrons due to the reduction of trap sites due to the higher number of metal-oxygen lattices in the IGO thin film.



indium doped β-gallium oxide, bandgap engineering, chamber pressure


Rahaman, I., Saha, P. R., Taqy, S. A. A., Sarkar, P. K., Saha, J. K., & Haque, A. (2022). Impact of chamber pressure on indium doped β-gallium oxide. Poster presented at the International Research Conference for Graduate Students, San Marcos, Texas.


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