Spin-Orbit Coupling in SrTiO3/Si Thin Films at High Carrier Concentration




Devkota, Dipa

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Oxide heterostructure based on SrTiO3 have been a discovery ground for emergent physical phenomena, most notably conductivity at the interfaces between insulators. The 2DEG systems at the interface between SrTiO3 and in δ-doped SrTiO3 have been investigated intensely in the past decade. At the SrTiO3 /LaAlO3 interface, quantum confinement effects and a tunable SOI have been demonstrated. Our research group has recently demonstrated the co-existence of electron correlations and strong spin-orbit coupling on SrTiO3 films on Si(001). Our group has studied the sample having lower carrier concentration (≤ 10¹⁴, cmˉ²) which shows Weak- localization effect. As the carrier concentration increases ( (1 − 2) × 10¹⁴, cmˉ²), we see WAL effect which occur due to spin -orbit coupling. The thesis describes the results on my thesis research. I investigate the effect of spin-orbit coupling of the STO/Si thin film having carrier concentration. The first chapter introduces the various properties of bulk as well as thin film STO, followed by how STO is grows on Si for my research, and the motivation. The second chapter explain the growth and characterization of STO/Si thin film using SEM and the XRD. The third chapter include the methodology and the electronics used to conduct the experiment. I am doing the magneto transport measurement at different temperature and the magnetic fields with different magnetic field orientations. It is very necessary to calibrate the Horizontal rotator positions, which is explain in chapter four. Chapter five talks about the transport analysis of STO/Si samples. And finally, the sixth chapter summarizes the most important results of this research work; this also contain details about the suggested future work.



spin-orbit coupling, weak antilocalization


Devkota, D. (2021). Spin-orbit coupling in SrTiO3/Si thin films at high carrier concentration (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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