Utilizing Student Perceptions to Facilitate Continuous Improvement for Academic Institutions




Pirani, Julia

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Business colleges are faced with funding crises, rising tuition and associated fees, and criticism towards curricula, teaching methods, and academic research. Business colleges could benefit from a continuous improvement approach in order to provide graduates with a quality education which would enable them to compete for the best job opportunities. Student perspectives were collected through a clustering technique and presented in frequency counts. Student perceptions on a “good student” and a “good professor” provide extensive profiles of a capable student and a professor who can facilitate a learning environment which is conducive to student success. Such an approach may inform students and professors of attributes which are keys to success in the classroom. Thus, students can provide business colleges with invaluable insight to ensure high quality and ongoing improvement in academic programs.



business education, total quality management, strategic planning


Pirani, J. (2002). Utilizing student perceptions to facilitate continuous improvement for academic institutions (Unpublished thesis). Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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