The Advertisements You Cannot Skip: Consumer Perceptions of Product Placement




Tyler, Morgan

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This research examines the effect product placement has on consumer perceptions. The understanding of how product placement in media can change the way people view both the products and the media itself has been a primary focus in the marketing field. The starting point for my research is based on the question: What is the effect on consumer perceptions in regard to product placement? I focus my research on comparing and contrasting the product placement within two popular movie franchises in order to view its effect of consumers’ perceptions. To answer my research question, I use quantitative analysis with survey data along with secondary and supplementary research from academic journals and articles. Research findings suggest, people recognize product placement and this causes them to think or feel a particular was about the movie or the company. This is potentially due to a variety of reasons including: product placement impact, the distraction of product placement in movies, or product placement increasing brand awareness. This research provides insight on the effect product placement marketing viewed in mainstream media has on consumer perceptions.



product placement, movie, advertising, marketing, advertisements, DC, marvel, Honors College


Tyler, M. (2021). The advertisements you cannot skip: Consumer perceptions of product placement (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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