The Effects of Aggregate Moisture Conditions in Rheological Behaviors of High-Workability Mortar Prepared with Fine Recycled-Concrete Aggregate




Wang, Zhuo

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An ICAR rheometer was used in this study to measure the rheological behaviors of high-workability mortar (Self-Consolidating Concrete - SCC mortar). A mortar slump test and a mortar funnel test were also performed to evaluate the workability of SCC mortar. Fine recycled-concrete aggregate (FRCA) was used in this study in mixtures to replace natural aggregate at different degrees. Fine aggregates, both natural and recycled aggregates, were used to prepared SCC mortar in two moisture conditions, wet condition and dry condition. The change of workability and rheology of SCC mortar over time was investigated. It has been found that the fine recycled-concrete aggregate can be used to replace the natural aggregate in producing SCC mortar. The use of FRCA reduced both the unit weight and the compressive strength of SCC mortar. It has also been found rheological parameters can be used to indicate the workability of SCC mortar.



rheology, SCC, recycled aggregate


Wang, Z. (2012). The effects of aggregate moisture conditions in rheological behaviors of high-workability mortar prepared with fine recycled-concrete aggregate</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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