Physicians’ Religious Topic Avoidance during Clinical Interactions




Villagran, Melinda
MacArthur, Brenda L.
Lee, Lauren E.
Ledford, Christy J. W.
Canzona, Mollie R.

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Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute


Religious and spiritual (R/S) conversations at the end-of-life function to help patients and their families find comfort in difficult circumstances. Physicians who feel uncertain about how to discuss topics related to religious beliefs may seek to avoid R/S conversations with their patients. This study utilized a two-group objective structured clinical examination with a standardized patient to explore differences in physicians' use of R/S topic avoidance tactics during a clinical interaction. Results indicated that physicians used more topic avoidance tactics in response to patients' R/S inquiries than patients' R/S disclosures; however, the use of topic avoidance tactics did not eliminate the need to engage in patient-initiated R/S interactions.



communication, religion, clinical interactions, Communication Studies


Villagran, M. M., MacArthur, B. L., Lee, L. E., Ledford, C. J. W., & Canzona, M. R. (2017). Physicians’ religious topic avoidance during clinical interactions. Behavioral Sciences, 7(2): 30.


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